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Heavy Period

10 Minutes Solution for Heavy period’s!!

More than 1 in 5 women in their 30s and 40s suffer from heavy periods. Heavy periods can be very frustrating.

There are various causes for heavy bleeding. In good 20% patients with heavy bleeding uterus is of normal size, but bleeding is very heavy, A gynaecologist makes an internal examination and also runs a sonography to confirm the absence of tumors like fibroids, ovarian cysts, witch could be possible causes of heavy bleeding. If patients has big – big fibroids, cancer or big ovarian mass, uterus removal i.e. hysterectomy is done (major surgery).

Over the years, women who have normal size uterus have been treated with prolonged hormonal treatment, repeated curetting or removal of the uterus, all of which have significant risk and complications. Experts feel that 40% hysterectomy can be avoided all together.

It is high time is a major surgery to remove the whole womb and should not be taken lightly. If ovaries are removal as well, the menopause starts at once women may need to go onto hormone for life.

The good news is that there is now a simple way to put heavy bleeding right in 10 minutes. The results of uterine balloon therapy are very encouraging and gynaecologist feel that 40% of uterus removal operations can be avoided. In India, Hysterectomy is done at slightest pretext that too at younger are and this is cause of worry. Thus Uterine Balloon Therapy and MIRINA are the the only savior for them. It should be tried so 90% women will not need major surgery normal size uterus.

What about fertility and contraception?

One should not have Uterine Balloon therapy if one wants to become pregnant. One should opt for Medicated IUCD (MIRINA), if one wants in future children.

Does it UBT work well ?

Yes. More than 600,000 people around the world had been with uterine balloon therapy technique up to December 2005. Clinical studies over 10 years have shown it to be a reliable and very effective treatment in good 90% women. In fact, gynaecologist all over world use various endometrial ablation techniques with almost similar. With proper selection of cases, (i.e. excluding cases of fibroid uterus and uterine cancer) the result show 95-97% success if women enrolled are well selected.

Is it covered by mediclaim?

These technique are not cheap but very patient friendly procedures. Both are covered under mediclaim (health insurance schemes) in India and available in major hospital in the country.

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Medical Treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding