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    1. Very Popular clinic
    2. Referral Clinic in Northern India
    3. Largest Number of Recurrent Miscarriages

Recurrent Miscarriage (RM) is defined as the occurrence of three or more clinically recognized pregnancy losses. The established causes for Recurrent Miscarriage are genetic, immunological, endocrinological, anatomical, infective & idiopathic. In our series tuberculosis & raised TNFa contributed to almost 40% cases.

Our is a referral clinic for Recurrent Miscarriages in northern India.

Prospective analysis of 680 cases, registered at Lifecare centre for Recurrent Miscarriages are analyzed in term of causes along with their pregnancy out come.

PPT: - Can Tuberculosis cause Recurrent Miscarriages. (13/5 /2012)

Presentation in 1st National conference of Genital Koch’s

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Sharing Personal Experience (10 years)

Genital tb in infertility & our experience dr. sharda jain, dr. jyoti agarwal, dr. jyoti bhaskar

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