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Stem Cell Counselling

team strongly believes in banking umbilical cord blood stem cells for generation to come.

A little smart thinking on your part can provide a lifelong health advantages for you child and your family members.

Stem cells – the basic building blocks of human life – are already being successfully used as part of the treatment for major Thalassemia childhood leukaemia ( Blood Cancer)and various other forms of cancer and spinal cord injuries they also have the potential to treat other serious diseases in future (eg. Diabetes). They are regarded next major break through health, specially regenerative medicine and cancer.

The stem cells taken from your baby’s cord blood can save the life of your baby down the road, the life of a sibling or even the life of a your parents and elders .

These cells can be harvested easily from the umbilical cord of newborns at no risk to mum or baby.

Do not miss this opportunity for your child’s health

You can enquire and know more about it at your routine visits.