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About Us

Dr. Sharda Jain

Lifecare Centre has become the Bench Mark for giving TOTAL WOMEN CARE TOTAL GYNAECOLOGY CARE under one roof since last 25 years in trans Yamuna area.

Dr.. Sharda Jain a medical teacher parexcellence, after teaching for 2 decades in two premier institutes of country (PGIMER, LHMC) started Life Care Centre in 1990 with commitment to make it number one clinic in Gyane Care in Delhi .Contribution of DR. JYOTI AGARWAL has been immense

“Big Thank You For Your Patronage”


  • Same Team for 25 Years
  • Diagnosis in 2 days
  • Group Practice
  • No Waiting Time
  • Everything under one roof


  • * Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)
  • * HIGH RISK PREGNANCY - we aim at ZERO loss
    (we specialize in bad OBST history / medical disorders in pregnancy)
  • * Dedicated RECURRENT ABORTION Clinic
    (Best Rating in Northern INDIA)
  • (B) Centre of Excellence GYNAE Office Procedures (done at half cost ) Hysteroscopy / Colposcopy / Leep / Cryo Cautry / Polypectomy / E.B.

    (C) 95% Relief in HEAVY PERIODS with

  • * Uterine Balloon Therapy (Highest Number of Cases in the Country)
    We give very high success rate in Very Poor Surgical Risk Cases where uterus can’t be removed
  • * Mirena (Highest Number in Delhi)
  • Top Safe Team for MAJOR SURGERIES (OPEN & LAPAROSCOPY) including Cancer Surgery & bad surgical risk cases.
  • HIGH QUALITY ULTRASOUND facility on all days from 8am – 7pm
  • IVF & INFERTILITY Centre 1 out of 4 top IVF centre in Delhi & NCR
  • First Dedicated STEM CELL THERAPY Centre in northern India with State- of-Art Stem cell lab & world class faculty.

Our Focus is on Smart Anti – Ageing / Diabetes / Arthritis /Autoimmune Disorders Beside “No Hope Disorders”

D.G.F. *Star* Training Centre

1. IVF – ICSI Two weeks Programme

2. Basic Female Infertility + Ovu. Induction + IUI Course

3. Embryology Made Easy course

4. Andrology Made Easy Course

5. Male Infertility

  • 1. Ultrasound
  • 2. Infertility
  • 3. Basic Gynae
  • 4. Basic OBST
  • 5. One Week 30K
  • 1. Colposcopy +
  • 2. Office
  • 3. Procedures
  • 4. One day 20 K


Brilliant Team of Life Care Gynecologists & Infertility experts is always in forefront for academic activities both for gynecologists, women doctor and community and each expert has made a mark for themselves. In slide share .net lifecarecentre has 250 ppt which are utilize by doctors world over . Clinic premises houses the Head Office for Delhi Gynae Forum and WOW India; both these institutions have made a mark in Academics and Community health activities in Delhi & NCR. OUR USP Team of Doctors and Nurses is same for

Secretary General – Delhi Gyne Forum Chairperson – WOW India Advisor & Founder Chairman – Gynae Dept Max Hospital DMC – Expert

Team of Doctors and Nurses is same for last 25 years and are wholly dedicated to the care and well being of women and providing IVF Treatment in Delhi. We also house head office of lifecare centre / lifecare IVf / Global stemgenn